Pool-Size Outdoor Tub
Bacardi Distillery

When all you want to do is relax and have room to stretch your legs, come downstairs and enjoy our outdoor tub. To be honest with you, it is more like a pool when you consider the size, but with custom temperature!

The spiral stone entry lets you adjust the temperature of the tub to hot-tub giving you that spa-like feeling. But if you’re more of a pool lover you can make the temperature colder. Whatever suits for you. Amazing, right?

SPA setting: 97 degrees approximately
Pool setting: 87 degrees approximately

Its also has a submerged  island-like seating feature below the water line to allow you to seat facing either the ocean or the center area of the pool.

This intimate space promises to allow you the experience of a warmth tub (or hot!) in a more spacious package. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this soothing experience at our hotel.

While you’re there reserve a table at Niche Bistro Restaurant! It is the finest french dining experience available on the island. Dine like royalty!


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